Allowed Uses At This Storage Location

At our locations our customers cannot use the facilities to:

- Store any kind of food in bags, boxes, sacks, or any container that rodents or insects can enter.

- Store contents that will emit any kind of odor or smell, pleasant or unpleasant.

- Store anything explosive, any kind of fuel, gasoline, dynamite, flammable liquids or things that will catch on fire, such as rags with solvents.

- Store any hazardous items such as any chemicals, thinner, solvents, abrasives, acids, hazardous waste, etc. Any of these are absolutely forbidden.

- Spend the night, move in, crash or hang out.

- Conduct commerce.

- Store drugs, other associated paraphernalia, stolen items, contraband, etc.
- Use the storage unit as a workshop, band practice space, work on vehicles, artist studio, wood work etc.

We are a storage facility. We are not a garage sale nor a flea market, nor a music studio or artist studio. We are not a mechanic's garage nor any kind of workshop. Any of these activities or similar activities will get your account cancelled and kicked out without reimbursement.